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                Meet the Goodfellow Team: Joel Aleixo

                The people of Goodfellow are the heart and soul of the company. Every individual makes a unique impact on daily operations of the business and our overall success.

                So far in our series, we have spoken to members of the team and found out about their role, expertise, and thoughts on scientific innovation. Today, we speak to Joel Aleixo!

                Name: Joel Aleixo

                Role: Global Marketing Manager

                Team: Marketing

                Tell us about your role, what does the day-to-day involve?

                I’m responsible for all things marketing at Goodfellow. I look after the events (when they’re back on!) and conferences and oversee both digital and traditional marketing. I work on the marketing strategy, which supports the Goodfellow brand and the sales strategy for around the world.

                What do you like to do outside of work?

                I like spending quality time with friends, going to concerts and visiting the theatre. However, my favourite pastime of all is spending time with my dogs!

                I love to travel, whether it’s around the UK or abroad (outside of the pandemic, of course). I started visiting Asia a few years ago, and at first I wasn’t overly taken with it, but then I fell in love with South Korea (Seoul) and Japan. I can’t wait to go back.

                What scientific discoveries are you most excited about, for the future or from the past?

                For me, the most revolutionary cancer treatments are my favourite discovery. We will have the cure one day and the impact of this terrible disease will be reduced considerably. The cure for cancer will be the best discovery!