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                Product Summary of Copper

                Cooper is an incredibly versatile metal and readily lends itself to being alloyed with a large range of other metals. Arguably one of the most commonly used electrically conductive materials, it is quite simply all around us at home or in work. It is a relatively soft metal that can be fairly easily worked and machined.

                Characteristics of Copper include:

                • Soft and malleable
                • Easily machined

                Forms and Availability of Copper

                Please find below a list of our standard stock dimensions. Of course, we are very often able to supply alternative dimensions.


                Grade: C101, C103, C109, C110, C111

                Diameter: 5 - 100mm

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                Grade: C101, C103

                Thickness: 0.5-5mm

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                Grade: C106

                Outside Diameter: 0.5 - 25mm

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                Grade: C101, C103, C110

                Thickness: 0.125 - 0.25mm

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                Grade: CZ101

                Diameter: 0.05 - 5mm

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